Child Dedication

Child Dedication Service at UBC FELLOWSHIP

Child Dedication Service at UBC FELLOWSHIP

Psalm 127:3 states, “a child is a God-given trust.” Child dedication service is a Sunday-morning ceremony that signifies your commitment to uphold that trust. It is an event that symbolizes your pledge to raise your child in a Christian home and church where he or she can come to know, love, and serve Jesus. It also signifies a commitment by the people of Upendo to provide a loving, biblical community that supports and prays for your family.


Child Dedication is Not Infant Baptism:

Child dedication at UBC is not the same as infant baptism. We believe that baptism is a public statement of faith that can be made only by someone who has personally believed in Christ. Infants cannot make a personal decision to believe in Jesus.  Older children, however, can make that personal decision. So, we do offer we baptism for youth ages 12 and up.  Once we receive the form from you we will set an appointment with one of our pastors to meet with you.  

A Christian Parent’s Covenant:

You will not have to recite a pledge during the ceremony. You should, however, read and decide whether you are able to commit to this pledge:

“Declaring Christ as Savior and Lord and believing in my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I this day acknowledge that my children are gifts from God, that I am a caretaker by His grace and, therefore, accept the responsibility for raising my family to know and follow Jesus.  As a Christian parent:

  • I will demonstrate for my child Christian integrity in my personal life.
  • I will teach my child the meaning of fidelity in my marriage.
  • I will show my child the meaning of fellowship and servant hood through my church.
  • I will model my faith in my life, in prayer, and the application of the Bible’s truth as I teach my child to follow Jesus as Lord.

With God as my strength, I promise to give my child every possible benefit of home, school, church, and community. And I ask His blessing upon him/her to guide and guard through all his/her years. Amen.”

Questions about Child Dedication Service?

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